“The State We Are In”

Häpna H.45, CD
8 tracks, 40 minutes
Listen to: Vovel After a Pause
Reviews of “The State We Are In” (soon)
Release date: May 10 , 2011

It was a cold, dead morning (the sun not being up yet), and when I had out-watched the paling light of the fires of the iron country, and the curtain of heavy smoke that hung at once between me and the stars and between me and the day, I turned to my fellow-traveller and said:

“I BEG your pardon, sir, but do you observe anything particular in me”? For, really, he appeared to be taking down, either my travelling-cap or my hair, with a minuteness that was a liberty.

The goggle-eyed gentleman withdrew his eyes from behind me, as if the back of the carriage were a hundred miles off, and said, with a lofty look of compassion for my insignificance:

“In you, sir?— B.”

“B, sir?” said I, growing warm.

“I have nothing to do with you, sir,” returned the gentleman; “pray let me listen — O.”

He enunciated this vowel after a pause, and noted it down. (C. Dickens, The Haunted House)



Andreas Söderström (Ass), Johan Berthling (Tape), and Per Eklund make the music of Ohayo.

At the end of a tour as backing band for Swedish artist El Perro del Mar these three musicians decided on forming a new band and make music on their own. They started with just improvising in the studio and after several sessions their sound started to form. A soft, somnambule music with underlying threats. Guitars intertwine with each other, hammondorgan, drums, double bass and trumpet creates space in the music. A music that plays itself, that speaks for itself.

Andreas Söderström has released three albums with his project Ass. Johan Berthling has worked with the band Tape since 2000 and Fire! (together with Mats Gustafsson and Andreas Werliin). Per Eklund is a drummer extraordinaire who’s played with many Swedish artists.

Tracks: 1. Vowel After a Pause, 2. Daylight Was Above Me, 3. Again Soon After Sunset, 4. Creaking of Boards, 5. A Bird in the Hand (Is Worth Two in the Bosh), 6. A Solitary House, 7. Shadowed by Trees, 8. To Break Silence