Häpna H.14, CD (sold out)
8 tracks, 33 minutes
Listen to: “Sponge chorus”, “ Root tattoo”
Reviews of “Milieu”
Release date: December 2003

Tape is a trio from Stockholm, Sweden, building their music from a whole array of acoustic instruments, computer and field recordings. Their first CD “Opera” got excellent reviews in international press and was compared to artists such as Talk Talk, Gastr del Sol, Fennesz, John Fahey and Faust. See the web page for full info and reviews about “Opera”.

Their new CD “Milieu” shares the same basic premises as “Opera”. All kinds of sound sources are used and organically integrated in the songs, which move freely somewhere between the composed and the improvised.

Even if “Milieu” makes use of experimental methods, the album is argumentably more songbased than “Opera” and therefore maybe more accessible.

Personnel: Andreas Berthling / Johan Berthling / Tomas Hallonsten
banjo, violin, guitar, synthesizer, computer, organ, harmonium, accordion, harmonica, trumpet, field recordings, percussion, concrete sounds, vibraphone, glockenspiel, chinese flute, alto recorder, piano, melodica

Tracks: 1. Oak player, 2. Sponge chorus, 3. Crippled tree, 4. Edisto, 5. Golden twig, 6. Long bell, 7. Root tattoo, 8. Switchboard fog

“Milieu is Björn Olsson as seen through Gastr del Sol's lens — or Pascal Comelade influenced by the Nordic winds instead of the Spanish sun. Peaceful, slightly melancholic, impressionistic without sounding tentative, Milieu delivers a very coherent half-hour of music. [...] Recommended despite its brevity.”
Rated 4/5, François Couture, All music guide

“Tape succeeds where other "folktronica" acts noodle themselves into a corner or fall prey to an over-determined laptop. On Milieu, the trio's second album, the compositions are carefully and emotionally layered, a midnight Fahey/Parch pantomime against a rusted silo.”
Rated 7.9/10, Brandon Stosuy, Pitchfork

“Det är som Tapes Milieu jag önskar att mitt hjärta lät.”
Rated 8/10, Sara Martinsson, voted 15th best album in 2003, The Cricket.

“Milieu är det vackraste lilla popalbum du kan ta del av den här milda tiden på året.”
Andres Lokko, voted 11th best album in 2003, Expressen

“Allra vackrast, nästan som en naturupplevelse, blir det när en lapsteel kommer in och sprider guldströssel över två spår. Lyssna uppmärksamt eller använd det som en inredningsdetalj.”
Dan Backman, voted 8th best album in 2003, Svenska dagbladet

Milieu var nominerad till P3 Guld och Manifest 2003.